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Matchstick Rocket Links, Etc.

Where we learned

We first heard about matchstick rockets in this 1961 edition of Science Experimenter.

Other items of interest

Other sites that have some vague relationship to matchstick rocketry (at least in the mind of the author):

If you want to get in the Guiness Book of World Records for making matchstick rockets, you might want to read Brett's notes on the art and science of paper match upper atmosphere exploration.

Not to be overlooked is Tom Matley's contribution from down under to the art and science of matchstick rockets. I know y'all down in Australia are upside down, but do the rockets have to face backwards too?

Awww, shucks!

Assorted awards, accolades, and attention we've received here in Matchstick Rocket land...

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That's not fair--Matchstick Rocket Geeks get all the cute chicks. --GSOTD

We received the dubious honor of becoming Geek Site of the Day!

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"Something nobody could have predicted was the advent of the treacherous Matchstick Rocket. The Matchstick Rocket web page describes how you can transform common paper matches into dangerous towers of flame which you can use to rain destruction on the nearest former Soviet bloc country. Well, not actually. But you can get the matches to fly up to 12 feet using only tinfoil and a paperclip! Plus, husband-and-wife team David and Nellie Cronin have made this page a lot of fun. Highly recommended for adults and reckless children everywhere." --Point

Well as you can see above, Point called me David, not Denny, but Andy Warhol never promised they'd get your name right.

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I can't help it--I'm a sucker for pointless stuff that's blown up into a whole ridiculous production. Incidentally, Denny told me that the most-loaded picture from his page is the one of Nellie, looking as come-hither as you possibly can standing next to an oscilliscope in a lab coat with dorky glasses. Do you people have no standards whatsoever? --SpinnWebe

Now the guy at SpinnWebe wants Nellie, I just know it. :)

(Kool link logo) Golly, gee whiz! We were also Bob's Kool linK of the Day.

(Rediculous/Sublime logo) Rutro, we were picked Sublime Site of the Week.

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